Philosophy and Values

Sustainable manufacturing practices are so important to us...

Little Loft Merino started from a dream to promote Tasmania and Tasmanian products. The brand founder, Alice, recognised the inherent value Tasmanian merino wool has, given the richness of the Tasmanian environment and the ethical and sustainable practices adopted by on-shore businesses.

Our philosophy is to continually promote slow-fashion, Tasmanian produce and products, and support local growers and businesses.

Tasmanian merino wool

Quality merino wool products and business integrity are our foundations

We value integrity, authenticity, and growth. What you can expect from us is a commitment to providing quality products that we truly believe in. Our sourcing and manufacturing practices are transparent, and we are always keen to hear from our customers about their product experience. As a small business, we look at ways that we can continually improve and enhance our operations. 

We love Australian Merino Wool!

And of course, we love Australian merino wool! This goes without saying but I will say it again any way - Merino Wool is a super fibre. The benefits speak for themselves and we will continue to promote the quality of this fabric and the advantages of investing in merino wool and Tasmanian made products.

Tasmanian made product