Benefits of Merino Wool

Why Tasmanian Merino Wool?

I have three children who I am forever chasing around in under 10 degree weather yelling 'please, just put a jumper on!' and knew there must be a better way to alleviate my stress! And what did I find? The benefits of Merino wool stretch much further than just providing warmth in the Tasmanian climate.

Merino wool clothing is well loved all across Australia, and across our ever changing climate. It is very much a wonder fibre for many, many reasons. 

Merino Wool is Temperature Regulating

Tasmanian merino woolMerino wool is a naturally breathable fibre, which reacts to changes in body temperature. This occurs through the fibre's ability to absorb moisture from the skin. The moisture wicking element occurs for your benefit in both cooler and warmer weather. In cooler weather, the warmth generated from your skin is 'trapped' in the heart of the Merino fibres, activating the protein within to help maintain body temperature. In warm weather, Merino fibres keep the skin dry to stop overheating.

Merino Wool is moisture wicking and odour resistant

Merino wool fibres can absorb a large amount of moisture and effectively 'wicks' it away from your skin to be evaporated into the air. This keeps your skin dry and discourages bacterial growth that would result in odour. 

Not only does Merino keep your skin dryer from natural moisture, it is also not an allergen, meaning it is kinder on sensitive skin than other fibres. This makes it an ideal choice for eczema sufferers.

Merino Wool Clothing is Natural and Sustainablemerino wool clothing

Merino wool is a naturally occurring fibre, which makes it one of the most sustainable products. It is also 100% biodegradable in both land and marine environments. Once our 100% Merino wool garments have lived their long life, they can be returned to the earth without causing any harm or damage to the environment. 

Merino wool care and washing instructions

As Merino wool is odour and stain resistant, it does not require as regular washing as other fabrics. Our Merino wool products are washing machine safe, for cold cycles using wool friendly detergent. We recommend washing all garments in a wash bag to protect them from other items in the wash (such as zips). 

It is also safe to tumble dry Merino wool products (on low only), however we recommend flat or line drying just in case. Steaming or a low temperature iron is fine, but not necessary as Merino wool barely creases! 

Australian Merino Wool